Divider Elements

...to protect your horses!

Up to now, divider elements were commonly made of wire mesh to separate the individual compartments. Due to the nature of the material, injury in particular to horses' legs and damage to the mesh dividers as a result of kicking could not be ruled out.

We have now managed to solve this problem!

Our new divider elements have been patent-protected for a number of years now. These new elements no longer consist of metal bars, but are made of free-moving suspended plastic rods. We opted for a rectangular profile with rounded edges to reduce the risk of injury. Plus, we chose plastic material with a smooth surface, which does not break or splinter, even in the harshest weather conditions, thus ruling out a further potential source of injury. Of course, the divider elements are bite, kick and weatherproof and UV resistant. If necessary, the elements can also be electrified with electricity for livestock fences, whereby the plastic material (a special highmolecular synthetic material) conducts the electricity.

Plus older and third-party walker systems can also be retrofitted with our plastic divider elements. The price/performance ratio - a standard 2-meter wide element only costs 320 euros - offers you the opportunity to protect your precious horses from injury and to ensure smoothly operating training units. Here too, we managed to realize our high demands in terms of material and quality.


One final convincing argument is that fact that we grant a 5-year guarantee on the plastic rods of the divider elements.