KONDI Longiercenter¬ģ Hall Construction

We offer the following models:

  • Outer diameter 13, 15, 18, 21, 24 or 27 meters
  • Gable height: between 3 and 4 meters
  • Steel construction made of hot-dip galvanized hollow square profiles
  • Glue-laminated beam construction
  • Supports made of hollow square profiles or double T girders
  • Roof overhang up to one meter
  • Roofing made of trapezoidal sheet metal, ISO panels or larch formwork with flat tiles in the exterior area
  • Roofing in the center of the hall with light-permeable profile panels
  • An air vent in the roof ensures sufficient ventilation
  • Color of roofing (at buyer's option)
  • If suitable ground conditions are in place, no foundation is required
  • A projection in the entrance area to protect the control cabinet and the operator
  • Custom constructions upon request