KONDI Treter® Technical Data

The entire deck area has no rolls. Therefore, your horses' legs are not additionally stressed by straining or twisting the hooves as is the case with conventional units.

A walk-on platform is located along the entire side of the deck area to operate the controls and to monitor training. To secure the horse into position during training, the unit is equipped with a fixed front safety bar and a rear barrier with door function, which can be operated via the control panel. The unit comes with an extra-wide rubber coated ramp to safely lead the horse up to the treadmill.

The treadmill belt is made of an extremely durable 15 mm thick rubber belt with continuous synthetic fabric inlays. To ensure continuous and efficient lubrication of the treadmill, an electromagnetic switch applies a coat of glycerin lubrication to the bottom side of the belt when activating the KONDI-Treter treadmill. The system also comes with an optional ventilation system to ensure optimum ventilation and the prevention of heat build-up while training.

Length of treadmill deck: approx. 380 cm
Total length with ramps: approx. 580 cm
Width of treadmill deck: approx. 80 cm
Total width: approx. 110 cm
Motor:: with profile rubber-coated drum motor
Power: 5,5 KW
Electrical connection: 3 x 400V + MP (three-phase current), other voltages upon request
Fuse protection: 3 x 16 AT
Weight: from 1.200 - 1.500 KG depending on features