KONDI Treter® Features

The basic treadmill is designed for straight line movementwithout inclination. It is equipped with an encapsulated drum motor, which can even be used submerged under water. The torsion-resistant steel construction is available as a paint-coated or galvanized version.

The horse can access the treadmill from the rear and then leave the training unit from the front via the standard rubberized ramps.

The easy-to-use safety closure of the front and rear bar offer a high degree of comfort to the user. The side panels are made of impact-resistant resin-coated plywood or transparent and impactresistant Makrolon.

A light barrier that monitors the back area of the horse and stops the treadmill e.g. if the horse stumbles, is a standard feature of the basic system.

The system can also be additionally equipped with an electro-hydraulic inclination setting. With the second frame, the horse can be exercised on inclinations up to 10%. Two parallel-driven hydraulic cylinders enable the low-wear operation of the training unit.

Of course, the treadmill can also be operated virtually fully automatically by means of PLC controls. This allows you to combine various inclinations and speeds to create an individual training program.

For boarding facilities we recommend installing a coin-operated pay station so that the investment pays itself off.

The unit can also be built into the floor so that your horse is exercised at ground level.