KONDI Trainer® Control Cabinet

The control cabinet with frequency converter and control unit should be positioned at the entrance of the walker. The entire control system of the KONDI-Trainer is located there.

All connections in the control cabinet are equipped with special plugs so that in the event of damage, the customer can easily remove and replace the entire control system. This in turn results in low downtimes.

A direction change timer with walk-trot automatic mode enables the automatic change of rotational direction with individually adjustable specific walk and trot times.

The operating program offers:

  • Automatic direction change
  • Interval repetitions (overlapping use possible)
  • Signaling function
  • Program step skipping
  • Gradual standstill

The program can be stalled or stopped at any time.


For a small charge, we can also develop user-specific application programs. With these programs you achieve truly controllable and comprehensible training activities.