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9 October 2014

Temporary stalls at the veterinary hospital in Bern

Tierspital Bern

Within the framework of the conversion and renovation activities at the equine health center of the veterinary hospital in Bern, we have created a 20-meter round hall in collaboration with our Swiss representatives NIROX AG. It was initially equipped with temporary stalls so that the old existing stalls on the premises could be renovated successively.

The roofing was first equipped with timber planking, after which trapezoidal sheet metal roofing was added. This way, no condensate can accumulate and the structure has a beautiful wooden interior.

Once the renovations are completed in 2014, the round hall will be used as a lunge hall. The staff at the veterinary hospital can hardly wait to use it.


9 October 2014

24-meter lunge pen


We have created a 24.5-meter lunge pen to accommodate 10 horses in collaboration with the company Hallenbau Brüninghoff.

Now horses can be lunged irrespective of the weather and clients have the opportunity to make use of a large horse walker system. Of course, we also thought of light elements in the roof. The building contractor mounted perforated steel plates as windbreakers, which together with the clinker bricks result in a very pleasing appearance.


9 October 2014

Lunge hall in Mettmann


The Königs family opted for our know-how when it came to expanding their equestrian center. Here we built a lunge hall with a diameter of 15.6 meters and gable height of 3.5 (which can also be used for riding). So no more worries about bad weather! With its light outer side made of solid wood, the light and air-permeable windbreakers and the skylight in the dodecagonal roof, the interior of the lunge hall is kept well-light throughout the entire day, eliminating the need to have to turn on the lights before sundown.

We wish family Königs plenty of enjoyment with the new addition to their establishment.


9 October 2014

More space for the youngsters


ZG Linnenbrink added an open stable to their equestrian center last year to accommodate their mares with foals and yearlings.

The barn is 16 m wide and approx. 7 m deep, including the roof overhang. The stalls are 5 x 5 meters each with a bay to accommodate a round bale of hay. We also created additional space for straw/hay or a tractor. A future stage of the expansion will involve the construction of paddocks behind the barn.


9 October 2014

KONDI-Trainer for the Heitbaum family


The exerciser has a diameter of approx. 18 meters and accommodates 6 horses. Our divider elements with a rod distance of 5 cm ensure the highest degree of safety. The inner and outer boundaries were realized with our fencing system with tubular steel and rubber strips. This results in a very open, yet extremely secure enclosure. As no roofing was to be installed, the ground of the track had to be paved and covered with textile cuttings. This way, the system can still be used when temperatures fall below zero. In addition, we also installed a sprinkler irrigation system to keep the ground moist during the dry months of summer.

We wish the Heitbaum and Bartz family plenty of enjoyment with their new system.

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